Holocraps, or, Gambling With Our Future


Living in the future sure isn’t easy. I don’t mean to complain, I appreciate my daily gruel IV and going to sleep each night in my nice dry Cardboard EZ-Living Pod. What gets me, though, is that we lost our ability to forget about our difficult present circumstances when they outlawed gambling. That’s why, while I was working for the robo-droids to program and raise their larvae, I stole a little time while the Darling Larva was asleep to write an illicit gambling program, so we could gamble with eachother secretly in holograms, without worrying about being intercepted by the Die-tector 9000 or the Robotic Agents of Cardhibition. I decided to release it freely so that I would have plenty of gambling companions. I just don’t want to spend another night betting against myself while I play solitaire.
It’s really not hard to use – just hold your hand like you’ve got a cupful of dice and then throw them out into the hologram. Whatever you do, just remember: don’t draw to an inside straight and never play cards with a droid named Doc.