HoloClock - From Bits to Holograms to Parts!

Here is my first Looking Glass hologram! Tic toc, it’s a clock. Well, part of one anyway.

While I’m not new to 3D modeling (CAD/CAM is in my wheelhouse), I am new to Unity, but slowly getting the hang of things. In an effort to learn, I figured why not work with something I’m currently building (albeit slowly) as motivation. The fun part is that I get to see it work before it’s actually built.

Full disclose, I did not design the clock, I’m just printing/assembling it, and hacking on it in Unity as a learning example. The original design is over on Thingiverse.

Here are the printed parts that I animated.

Needless to say, I’m having a blast with my Looking Glass!!!


WOW this is incredible!!!

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It looks fantastic! Now I want a real clock that tells time too!

A fully functional holo clock will be proportional to my ambition. :wink:

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Cool! If you’re running an Octoprint instance with an FDM printer, check out the 3D Print App in the library to print directly with a Looking Glass preview!

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Here are some more pics of progress. The gear train for seconds, minutes and hours is all done and it now tells time! The plan is to automatically sync it with the system clock.

I think I could also have some fun with different shaders to liven up the appearance, but that’s an area I’ve only recently started poking around in. Finally, I want to tie in the LG buttons and use them to turn different layers on and off plus rotate the entire thing around an axis or two.

I should also be ready to share the app soon so that everyone can play around and enjoy it.


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OK, I think I have a version worthy of sharing now.


  • A continuous press of the circle button rotates the entire assembly around one axis. The rotation direction toggles with each press & hold.
  • A continuous press of the right button translates the assembly forward or backward (helps with focus on the different gear layers). The translation direction toggles with each press & hold.
  • A single press of the left button cycles between layers of the assembly. It goes…Hide Face & Hour Hand/Gears --> Hide Minute Hand/Gears --> Hide Second Hand/Gears --> Show All.
  • A single press of the square button toggles the numeric display on/off.
  • As soon as you run the app, it’ll read your PC’s system time and set the clock. I think this is an OK approach? Works for me, but maybe you like to have your system time in another format?? Dunno…


  • All this was developed on a decent PC and then I tested the build .exe on a moderately capable laptop. Seems to work OK on the laptop. This is the first thing I have built for sharing with other LG owners in Unity so I may have messed up something in the build. Let me know if things don’t work for you.
  • I would not plan your daily events around the accuracy of this clock!! :slight_smile: The digital clock follows your system clock, but the mechanical part is only set once and then it’s only as accurate as the frame rate of the animation. If the canned escapement animation slows, then so does everything else since each gear is driven by animation events. A fix to keep it accurate seems easy enough, but that’s an exercise for the next version.

Here’s the link to the zip file in Dropbox. I’ve never used Dropbox before so hopefully I set up the access rights correctly. If the link isn’t working, let me know and I’ll try again.

Anyway, enjoy and do let me know if it’s working for your LG.


I tried it out, and it’s actually surprisingly cool!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Good Job and you shall upload your work to LKG Library App.