#HoloCities Hackathon (February 3rd) hosted by Looking Glass and Mapbox


This thread is for everyone attending the second Holo-Hackathon #HoloCities that is set to happen on February 3rd of 2018. If you haven’t already signed up, there are only a few spots left open as of me writing this post but you can first RSVP here and follow the yellow-brick road to fill out the survey for attendance here.

We are so excited to have everyone over at the lab soon and wanted to give everyone ample opportunity to meet your fellow Hologram Hackers for the day! Please feel free to open discussion on any ideas you might have. Feel free to respond and ask any questions.

We’ll be sending out more updates via email and through this forum.


To get some of you started, one of our organizers, @nickkauf wrote this amazing starter piece for the inspiration behind the theme of this Hackathon and also throws in some great ideas for projects that you all be interested in taking on / joining forces to tackle!


sounds cool! is there also a possibility to join online? (from europe)


Hey @RichardS! The HoloCities hackathon actually happened last year (2018) and has long since passed but we are already in the process of organizing a few for this year which you’ll definitely hear about in the forum et al. !