Holo-Drawing in three magnificent dimensions!

Instructions (Inputs):

Space: Hold to draw
Shift(either): Hold to rotate
T: Hold to pan around the scene
Y: Hold & move in/out to scale/zoom
Z: Undo last line

Hold Arrow Keys Up/Down: Brush size
Arrow Keys Left/Right: Switch brush types
R: Auto rotate

Tab: Function menu for the following stuff (also on hotkeys):

  • C: Color picker toggle (start drawing or press again to pick the shown color)
  • S: Save (one drawing)
  • L: Load
  • Esc: Clear/reset

You might see some jittery behavior in your lines, particularly near the edges of the visible holo-space. Expect some more advanced smoothing/interpolation in the future!

  • HoloPlaySDK version 0.35
  • Uses Realsense
  • Uses sound
  • Uses your imagination




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Using @oliver’s magical HoloBrush app in a prototype HoloPlayer, I’ve now drawn freehand this holographic “hello” in mid-air in glorious 3D probably 200+ times at Siggraph/demos at taco bars/family gatherings. It is now my technological act of meditation.

p.s. ok, yes, I admit it! I totally stole the font-style from the original “Hello 1” 1984 Mac ad.

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This is one of my favorite apps - it reminds me of painting in VR. After a while I started getting the hang of centering a drawing in the volume and utilizing the depth space. It reminds me of apps by Zack Lieberman: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/android/ink-space

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Really glad you enjoyed it! I’m a huge fan of the Lieberman too, he’s been tweeting out some utterly astounding ARkit stuff lately that’s well worth checking out: