Holo Service is running, but can't detect looking glass with library

Hi! I just installed the Looking glass on my PC, The Holo service is running, but I can’t seem to get the library up and working. No looking glass is detected even though I can see the windows icons at the bottom of the glass, and it does treat the device as a second monitor.
The suggestion was to unplug the cables restart the Holoservice, which I did, and then plug the cables back in.

When I launch Library again, I still get nothing.
Wondering where I’m going wrong as the instructions seem pretty straight forward.



Hi @adamsale, apologies on the delayed response! Can I ask what version of Windows you’re on?

Are you able to see the icon for HoloPlay Service on your taskbar as in the following guide: HoloPlay Service - The Looking Glass User Guide

And can you get it to show a Window on your device?