3D code patterns!

This was created by my team and I (James Gong, Mike Karasev, Olivia Chow, and Ignacio Perez). We are a group of computer science undergraduate students from Columbia, and were so excited to join the Holo-Hackathon! We were all new to using Unity, so wanted to create a simple app that still fully utilized both the 3D viewing and interactive capabilities of the HoloPlayer One. We were particularly intrigued by how users could interact with 3D geometry using the device. The theme of “memory” made us think about saved codes and passwords. So, we decided to create a 3D version of the 9-point grid lock screen seen on Android devices!

First, set a 9-point code pattern by hovering over each point. Your selected points will be highlighted gray, and then turn green after half a second. After you’ve selected 9 points, your code pattern will be saved.

You can similarly try to enter your saved code pattern, and the screen will display whether you entered the correct code pattern. Note that the order of your points matters! You have an unlimited number of trials, and you can create a new code pattern after successfully unlocking it.

Note: Keep your finger in the Realsense space to make sure the cursor does not inadvertently select a point.
Also, if you successfully enter your code pattern a special reference to Ready Player One will appear!


Future work:
This 3D 27-point grid framework can be extended for many other types of apps, such as games (e.g. 3D tic-tac-toe), or instructional (e.g. teaching how to draw shapes and characters).

Thanks Oliver, Nikki, and Kyle for all the help!

  • HoloPlay version 0.35
  • Uses Realsense