Help with my first Unity Project


Sorry for the total noob question but I have somehow managed to create my first unity scene and everything works just fine. I have loaded a few assets and added animations to each one and even some super basic particle effects in the background and even an audio track as background music. Everything plays perfectly in the holoplay preview screen but when I build it and then run what I have built none of my animations or particle effects play, only the audio. I know I must be completely overlooking a simply setting or is there a way I can incorporate the buttons on the looking glass to trigger everything to start?

Sorry again, total noob to unity here. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.


Hi Martin, that could be a number of different issues. It might be resolved if you put the relevant assets in a folder called “Resources.” Basically, Unity tries to be intelligent about what assets it includes in builds so as to minimize file size. Sometimes, however, especially if you load stuff dynamically, this causes issues.

This shouldn’t be anything particular to our SDK, so you can always check out Unity forums and Stack Overflow for additional solutions!


Thank you for taking the time to respond and offer some help! I will definately look into that as soon as i get back home from work, hopefully that does it.