Heart Viewer


Heart Viewer

View the outside AND inside of a fully animated, anatomically accurate heart model made by @dez. Thanks @esk for the JoyCon integration.


There are two modes, GESTURE mode and BUTTON/JOYCON mode (the default). Press Spacebar to switch between then.

In GESTURE mode:
Use one finger to rotate the heart, use two fingers to slice into it to reveal the insides.

In BUTTON mode:
If you’re using the HoloPlayer buttons, press and hold either of the inner buttons (two or three) to rotate the heart, press and hold either of the outer buttons (one and four) to slice into it to reveal the insides. If you’re using a JoyCon, press and hold any face button to rotate the heart, press and hold the trigger to reveal the insides.

You can adjust how quickly the heart spins by pressing the + and - keys.


  • HoloPlay version 0.40
  • Uses Realsense
  • Uses sound




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I saw this in person today and it’s totally insane.

Only thing missing, I think it needs an improved heartbeat sound @thejoshcraig. One that folks will feel in their chest.



This app now has JoyCon support, meaning that you can angle the slice you are taking out of the heart (using the shoulder trigger), rotate using face buttons (D-pad), and zoom in on the heart using the joystick. It’s v cool. Thanks @esk for JoyCon implementation!



Here is an updated version with improved Joycon tracking capabilities!

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There’s now a version of this app that uses Leap Motion for the Looking Glass.

Left hand to rotate, right hand to slice.

It still uses HoloPlay SDK 0.41. It is Windows only.