HDMI cable length

There seems to be a presumption by technology manufacturers that equipment is likely to be positioned far away from each other. So they provide long cables which often end up bunching up on top of each other. I have recycled an old kitchen worktop whose width and length is perfect for setting up my NUC computer (and power adaptor), high definition monitor, Looking Glass display, LEAP connector, daylight lamp, headphone stand and a 3D printer.

This means that I have everything close to each other - certainly not as far away as the cables suggest. I’ve concluded that I can simply buy shorter power cables, which I plug into a gang that has maximum power surge protection. But the Looking Glass HDMI cable is very thick and controls its own space. Is it possible to buy a shorter HDMI cable and if so, what is the Looking Glass specification for it?

Judging from the specs[1], I’d say a “High Speed HDMI Cable” should work for 2560x1440 @ 60 Hz[2].

If you’re using 4k @ 60 Hz, then you would need a “Premium High Speed HDMI Cable”[2].


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Yeah that’s about all you need, nothing too special! Though note that the display resolution is 2560x1600, not 2560x1440.

So yes - any cable that is advertised as supporting 4K should do the trick. Up to a certain price point you do get what you pay for, but that point is roughly $10 - no need to overthink things. :slight_smile: