"GlassGalaxy" simple vfx toy

I made a little ‘cloud galaxy’ of spiraling dust and stars. The demo is silent currently, but I hope to find some great music for the next versions.
Options…“1” key
Rotate Galaxy…click and drag the mouse in view
Zoom view…mouse wheel
Restart…“R” key
“Comet” mode…space bar
F10…screenshot (Quilt)
Quit…escape key
Speed…arrow Keys

  • Try clicking and dragging with the mouse, to rotate the cloud
  • The arrow keys can slow it down for a lava lamp type deal or sped up for almost fluid.
  • Use the number 1 key to see more options

Info & download here


Hi @3Drew, looks great!

Any reason in particular you didn’t want to submit it to the Library? Always eager for feedback if that system doesn’t work for your needs!

Mostly since I cant just update the executable when needed, its an early version of something bigger, something I would want to update freely. The whole submission process… I will soon though! I’m just making these for fun so I tend to see if anyone likes it before sharing it officially and finding time to do it :wink: thanks! I have something much cooler coming soon too

Cool, good to know! We want to add in some more features that would allow updates to the app to be much easier, but for now you can always just submit a newer version of the project. Totally up to you though, whatever works best with your workflow!

Great thanks :slight_smile: I will soon, I really like the new web version.

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