Geola HoloCam one for capture and printing holograms

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently received my dev kit and I’m in awe at what it can do. It’s an amazing piece of tech. My plan is to use it as a preview device for digital printed holograms, done by Geola ( iLumogram Applications - GEOLA ). We plan to capture family portraits similar to Made with Looking Glass (that’s actually strikingly similar to what I have in mind, the person in the back smiling mid-capture is something that Geola’s ilumograms can do too and it’s very impressive when you see an apparently static 3D image come to life like that as you move around it).

Geola sells a few professional capture rigs and a smaller amateur one called Holocam One ( Digital Imaging Equipment - GEOLA ) that is basically a camera on a rail - that sounds similar to the capture equipment described by Looking Glass Factory.

I was wondering if anyone looked the synergies between the two - either using the Holocam One to capture images both for print and for holographic screens or the other way around, capturing images via some other means (??) to export to print.

Any ideas?
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Hi Razvan! I’ve actually not looked into this group before, I’ll need to delve into it a bit more. Regardless, if their camera outputs a bunch of different photos, you can use the Lightfield Photo app to visualize them on the Looking Glass, so you should be good to go!