Fish Tank

Fish Tank

A holographic fish tank.

Original project by Sam Eng and David Kalina.

How To Play:

There are two stages that can be accessed through the title screen by hovering your finger over the name of the stage.
Stage 1: Ambient
The fish will follow your finger. Touch them to push them around.
Stage 2: Arcade
Use your finger to move the spaceship around. Press space to zap the fish.
Press escape to return to the title screen.

  • Using HoloPlay SDK 0.392
  • Verified on Elsie version of HoloPlayer One
  • Uses RealSense
  • Uses sound



Just a head up to anyone who is looking to test out this app, I noticed a bug today on the Mac build that freezes the game. The Windows build is fine.

I’ll be working on this in the coming days, and will post on here when it’s fixed!

Hi. Is fun app. Ran ok on win10.
Tried to compile source, had to thrash a bit to get it to run on Unity 2017.1, including some extra
#if UNITY_5 && !UNITY_5_0 && !UNITY_5_1 || UNITY_2017_1_OR_NEWER
code in the ‘LetterSpacing.cs’