Fires of Creation - a volumetric music video made with Hololoop

A music video for the Holo-Hackathon weekend. In superstereo(scopic)!

A collaboration between me, @dez, and Alphaville.

*videos recorded with Holoflix + the Structure Sensor, pulled into Unity with the Holoflix Unity SDK, and then pulled into the AR-version of HoloPlayer One (reflective 32-view superstereoscopic display) with HoloPlaySDK. Further using @dez’s Hololoop animation tool.


*Windows version of app posting soon!

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Here is the link to Hololoop if anyone wants to play with it :slightly_smiling_face:

Windows only, for now:


Space: Play/stop

Up/Down: faster/slower play speed

F1-F6: load respective scene
Shift + F1-F6 : saves scene to respective file

C: Clear everything

Backspace: toggle viewCone

ESC: quit