Fascinating original MTBS thread that launched Oculus

Ran across the original MTBS discussion board thread where Palmer Lucky is talking about launching a Kickstarter for a VR headset (which would become the Rift).


Even though I’m not a fan of HMDs, I think this discussion about pricepoints of kits, what groups to focus on (gamers? what type of gamers? universities?), and whether to ship complete kits or parts is super neat and nuanced.

From the thread:

@PalmerTech"I think I will benefit in the long run, squeezing a few extra dollars out of the enthusiast community strikes me the wrong way. :lol: I am working on something along the lines of the old Virtuality arcade systems, I think there is easier money in that direction."

_FingerFlinger: @Palmer If it’s ~$500 I will instantly buy one, but I agree with brantlew that you should consider making a go of this as a “real” business. Are you in contact with any traditional customers (military/academic) yet?”

@PalmerTech: “I think you guys are spot on about the target market. I would rather not have regular gamers buying this not understanding what it is and the limitations, and then giving it all kinds of bad reviews!”

@brantlew: “I assume the world-wide market for this type of unit is pretty small, but it is also completely untapped. The first company that comes out with a $1000 HMD with 90+ FOV will monopolize the entire academic VR and gaming market.”

@PalmerTech: “The help is appreciated! Really excited about this, I think it could be the kind of thing that jumpstarts a bigger VR community, and hopefully shows that there is a big demand for wide FOV, truly immersive displays.”