Eye Strain, nausea

So I have been using the looking glass for a couple hours and realized my eyes heart and also feel tired. A bit nauseous as well. How do I avoide this in the future, as I will be creating apps for it.

Thank you!

Most VR headsets come with recommendations to limit usage and take frequent breaks. If you are having those symptoms I suggest doing those things.

I have decided to put a shirt over the looking glass while working, works perfectly! As I had already known VR to be nauseating, I didn’t realize the same safety applied. Thank you!

Edit: After doing this, obviously my eyes felt better, but when I take the shirt off to preview my work for 15 minutes, I already feel nauseous and eye fatigue. Kind of ridiculous. I guess that’s just how my body reacts to it though…

Hi holo, that’s rough! We haven’t gotten much feedback that the display causes eye fatigue and nausea, but I’m sorry to hear that you’re having issues. Just to make sure this isn’t a calibration issue, could you post a photo or video of what your display looks like? I’ve obviously worked with the technology a lot and haven’t gotten eye fatigue before unless something has been off about how it’s rendering (the biggest one for me is when the view cone is inverted, that always makes me feel bad).

Hey Alx,

So I have sent a picture and video to you, but I believe I accidentally shared it, via drive. Let me post a new video here. This also explains the other issue I have been having with the shift of the view. Look at the video labeled maldacena troubleshooting in particular.
Thank you again for looking into this it means a lot.

Hi, thanks for the videos! Definitely seems like the center is off on your display, and if you’re often looking at something where the image breaks–what we call the edge of the view cone–that could cause eye fatigue. The center being off seems to be due to the window not taking up your entire screen (I can see the taskbar at the bottom, which is wrong). Other than that, the calibration is correct. I’ll try to figure out why that issue with the center might be happening!

As for your Leap setup, it seems to mostly be correct. However, Leap gets much less accurate the farther your hands are from the sensor. I would move the controller object in your Unity scene down somewhat so your hands don’t have to be so far from the sensor to touch the blocks and other objects. Also, ambient light can throw off the Leap as well, so be aware of that!

Can I ask what version of Unity you’re using?

I am using the newest version of unity 2019 1.4f1. And thank you for the tip on all that leap motion stuff. Hopefully we can fix the cone issue.

edit: Also, Is there a way that I can make everything clear (front and back). I have utilized DOF a bit, but I would love to have an option for everything to be clear. Let me know if this possible.

Any updates on the cone issue, thanks! I am making a research dissertation on immersion with holograms, to help children in pain. The sooner the better. Thank you again!!

Edit: also the display seems to do this when in the looking glass app as well.

I wasn’t able to replicate the issue on my end using the same version of Unity, so I’m at a bit of a loss. Does this happen on all the projects you’ve made using the HoloPlay SDK? I may have to involve the lead dev for that project.

As for making everything clear, there is a limitation in the technology itself that makes content blur as it moves away from the zero-parallax plane. We use DOF to make this effect more visually appealing, but there’s no getting around it, unfortunately. It could get slightly better with more views (60 instead of 45, for example) or with more pixel density on the screen itself, but I certainly don’t have an easy solution to that problem this moment!

Okay, not sure if it counts for anything, but maybe it’s due to it being a student version? Let me make a new project today and see what happens. But like I said, the split happens in the looking glass app as well at times. Except the task bar is gone (which is good). Thanks for the advice on clearing things up. I will see what I can do:).

But yes if we can find a solution for the splitting that would be awesome, definitely hard to work. Even my girlfriends eyes got tired after ten minutes, really strange.

Hello again! I am still waiting on a resolution to the cone issue if possible. My task bar is still visible at the bottom when I preview in Unity. Also my LG is offset again to one side. I gotta manually reset it everytime. Thank you for looking into this, I know you are busy. Have a good one!

Hey Alx,
So I have gone ahead and made another video for you, please let me know if we can fix this by Monday. Thank you! You have been great. Link is here

Hi! Sorry for the delayed response, I was out on holiday last week.

Does this issue come up when you make a build of your project? I’m trying to figure out if it’s because of the SDK in Unity not working correctly in editor or if it’s a calibration issue on your device.

making the build now
I will let you know in a couple minutes.

Cant get the build to work, it only presents on my computer and not my lg

In preview it does it. For some reason I can’t get the darn thing to open up in the LG. It is probably some type of personal ignorance

Hey Alx,
I finally got a build and I went into the looking glass library to test it out on an app that is completed. Both build and app from the library gave the same result. Where it splits off, like in the video I showed you…

Edit: In addition, the darn task bar doesn’t leave in my build. But it is gone in the looking glass apps…

So all apps, whether they’re on the library or not, give the same issue with the center being off, correct? And you build also shows the taskbar, though library apps do not?

If the issue is consistent across builds and in the editor, it should almost certainly be a calibration issue and we’ll have to sort that out for you, maybe shipping you a new system.

Could you also try a three.js project, like this one?

Yes that is correct, and I almost threw up today because of it, which was unexpected, haha… Anyhow, I will try the three.js project and see how that goes… I will get back to you within the hour.