Extended UI and next SDK


I commented on a thread that’s similar to this, and I noticed that you mentioned there may be a fix for the extended UI issue in the next Unity Looking Glass SDK. I’m having the same issue as Martin Dobes - where the extended UI displays correctly on the normal LCD monitor, but the video on the Looking Glass is small and distorted, in the upper left-hand corner.

I’ve tried editing the scripts themselves, among other fixes, all to no avail.

Do you think a fix for this will be in the next SDK? Do you have any word on when that SDK is dropping? We’re running on a bit of a deadline over here and will have to switch to something else for the UI if we can’t find a fix soon.

Warm regards,

We’ve added doing a pass on this to the pipeline for the new release, but that new release won’t come out for another couple months. In the meantime, I would recommend using more conventional Unity UI handling functions to take care of this. We tried to use that script to be a bit smarter/make that process easier so that you could even, potentially, have the app work in both mirrored mode and extended mode. This adds complexity to what is actually not especially difficult functionality, and apparently we got something wrong in there for some edge cases.

All you really need to do, if you know you’re going to have dual display, is activate both displays, then target the HoloPlay SDK onto display two and your UI on display one as they do here. That should handle that.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have additional questions.