ELC - Holo Fish

Hi everyone!

I’m posting an initial build of a test project we put together for a conference here in Sydney, Australia.
It’s part of a workflow which has the same data set in VR, HoloLens, AR and the Looking Glass. I was successful in getting it into each platform except AR (didn’t support the texture format used to animate the fins)
Apologies that it’s branded - but I think it’s reasonably tasteful!

I’d love to wrap this up as something for the app store but it’s branded so that may be a turn off.

NB : We didn’t get depth of field working in time so the fish ‘diffracts’ as it moves towards the min/max z-planes but it means it almost touches the front glass which feels great!
We’re on GTX1080+ cards so it may not scale down but Unity’s quality selector seems to help.

Let me know if there’s any questions/issues!

Matt Hermans
Electric Lens Co.


Very nice!