ELC - Holo Dude

Hi folks,

Here’s another experiment from our human-workflow. Taking mocap onto our generic human rig, doing facial motion capture and then cloth sim. It was a two day process and the third day had it baked out from Houdini and into the excellent vertex-to-texture animation process for Unity to feed on. This was punched out to HoloLens as a gag (https://www.instagram.com/p/BuqR_2Rl6JR/) as HoloLens has not much power to do anything it was great to see me/him spinning around floating in the middle of the studio. It’s actually full 30fps frame rate in the HoloLens despite what the video seems.

This morning I took the same data set and updated to the latest Looking Glass SDK to have him tumbling around in our displays!

Here’s a link to check it out :

(apologies again as there’s branding in there. As I build up a few of these i’ll make a formal app with no branding and have the buttons move between the scenes)



Hey Matthew!

Gave it a go today and here you are floating around in my Looking Glass :slight_smile:


P.s. had my headphones on at the time and found it to be an ephemeral experience while listening to this soundtrack (https://open.spotify.com/track/5siZAu2vXYYK1kwD8HMBCq?si=ulzWLZ-RTKmo9M01RWOdoA) :rofl:

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