Edit or create holoplayer application for me - $300-500?

Hello hackers!
I have a model that was created and is in both .obj and .fxb format. I need that model to simply be showing on the holoplayer and then the ability for the application to play 5 different audio files (i have these as well), with finger controls (can be as simple as pushing one of 5 different buttons and it plays an audio file).

Not knowing anything about programming - but the model viewer built into the holoplayer would work great, I would just need 5 buttons added as well so that they will play 5 different audio clips.

If anyone can do this in a timely manner (1 to 1.5 weeks) and would be open to taking this on please reach out quickly to me! 605-610-9269 is a good number to reach me! I can provide further details or answer any questions.

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I texted you about this earlier, but just posting here to make sure you saw. I am happy to help you out with this. I am a CMU grad student studying interactive computer media and have a good deal of experience with Unity and programming in general. Would love to discuss this opportunity and spec it out.

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Hey Zeph, I didn’t get any text message. I’d love to chat. Try the 559-967-0824 number instead.

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