Display not being found

Hi folks –

I was working with one of our creators (@tskillman) and I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with his device. When working with HoloPlay Unity 1.2.1, when he presses play the SDK reports No Looking Glass Found. (@tskillman – can you confirm it is the “No Looking Glass” error and not the “No Calibration” error?).

I figured maybe it had something to do with the calibration being somehow corrupted, so I tried to run the Calibration Updater tool:


But the tool said that no Looking Glass was found. This was despite the fact that if went to the Calibration Tester, it would read out a proper calibration:


Does anyone (specifically @alxdncn or @esk) have any thoughts as to what else we can try to do to troubleshoot?


The error message is: “[Holoplay] No LKG display detected”.

And thanks for your help in diagnosing the problem so that we can continue with our LKG application development.



Hi Tom et al,

This sounds like an issue with corrupted HDMI firmware; it doesn’t have to do with calibration.

Looking Glasses with this issue will only work with older versions of the SDK, and they frequently won’t work with USB-C or DisplayPort adapters.

Tom, would you mind checking Windows Display Settings to determine if the display name for the Looking Glass appears as “Generic UPnP Monitor”? That would be a sign that the EDID is corrupted.

If this is the case, we can arrange a replacement. If you need to use it urgently, I can walk you through a hack to force it to work with an individual computer until you are able to send it in.


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Evan, My apologies, I missed this post from you. Yesterday Albert brought it to my attention. When I plug in my LG display, two “other devices” appear in Settings/Bluetooth&OtherDevices window: Generic Non-PnP Monitor, and HoloPlay.

Please let me know what the next step should be.