Disabled sound and now Looking Glass won't connect after restart


When I first connected my LookingGlass display it worked, but I lost sound on my computer. I tried restarting and was unable to connect to the LookingGlass in the Windows 10 Display settings, so I disconnected it and reconnected it (both HDMI and USB). This resulted in the LookingGlass connecting and displaying but with the loss of sound again.

I repeated the procedure to get my sound back, but now the LookingGlass isn’t detected no matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect it.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this or now how to fix it?


I got it working with sound now. So if you run into this, keep trying restarting and reconnecting it. This eventually worked for me.


Windows tends to reroute sound to the Looking Glass, because the HDMI cable can carry sound. But there’s no speaker or headphone jack on the Looking Glass, so that just disables sound. While the Looking Glass is connected, open the “Manage audio devices” panel (can be found in Control Panel), and either set your ordinary output to default device or disable the Looking Glass entry there.


Yes, lonetech’s response is correct, sorry for the delayed response on our end Nathan!