Difference between Unity 2019.2 <-> 2019.4 LTS

Hey guys,

My last project was done in Unity 2019.2 with sdk 1.3.1, (visual)coded in Bolt. Stand-alone build without resolution dialogue and with Splashscreen… Activated all displays in a visual graph, my Gui Monitor as primary(0), LG as secondary(1) worked fine! :slight_smile:

Currently Working in Unity 2019.4 with sdk 1.3.1.
Same scripts, same settings… nope.
Gui Screen (0) is fine… but I get no output for the LG… in the Editor, the preview works fine.

Has anyone a clue what’s wrong? :frowning:
Would be thankful for any help… this drove me crazy for the last 2 days.


PS: Tried to downgrade the project to 2019.3
Works like a charm… BUT WHY NOT 2019.4? :smiley:

Hi @marcope - thanks for letting us know about this! We haven’t seen this issue before. Are you using your own logic to handle the different screen toggling? We do have a recorded bug on our ExtendedUI script. Is your setup Windows with an 8.9" Looking Glass, or something else?

We’re moving into a new sprint on the Unity plugin on Monday - I’ll flag this as something to investigate.

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If you let me know what script you’re using for the multi-display setup, I’ll try to reproduce and troubleshoot!

Hey @alxdncn
Thanks for your quick response!
I’m using my own scripts. See the picture for my graph to assign the Holoplay Display as secondary.

But… I think I got the issue…
Change my build from x86 to x86_64 did the job… don’t know why, but it works! :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah! Definitely has to be x86_64. Seems the default got reset, we’ll double check that on the next release of the plugin. Glad you got it sorted!

THX for the support!