DepthMediaPlayer only appears in bottom half of LG

Hi, I’m using a 2016 MacBook Pro (latest Catalina) connected to 15" LG. DepthMediaPlayer works fine apart from the image or video being shifted downward and occupies bottom half the screen only. Top half is white. Happens for videos or images. Not compressed, it’s shifted. The initial splash screen for the App on the LG (logo + text) does occupy the full screen. The test pattern and the apps in Library all work fullscreen on the LG.

The documentation mentions checking an “external GPU” box on the App but I don’t see that checkbox.

For DepthMediaPlayer to work on a Mac you need to check the preference for Mission Control “Displays have separate spaces” otherwise you can’t see the window with the player controls. This setting also affects a number of the Apps in Library like HoloClock which displays the clock on the laptop screen not the LG.