Demo parties & demo ports to Looking Glass

With the @party coming up in a week, it occurred to me there might be some good opportunities for tie-ins and promotions, at such an event. Perhaps it’s a bit too late for this particular party, but I think there are a couple more in the US/Canada and several big ones in Europe.

I had a few ideas. Probably the most obvious would be just to have a large-sized display there, for attendees to see. Possibly, the small displays could be given as prizes. Perhaps the most interesting option would be to have a short seminar on LG programming, followed by a 24-hour contest to port an existing demo to run on it. That could be a great way to quickly generate some creative & fantastic looking content for these displays.

Involvement in the demo scene could also help raise the profile of the company, especially among some influential and resourceful folks, in the gaming and graphics industries.


P.S. Anyone near Boston should consider dropping by the @party, June 7-9.

Hrm… thanks for the recommendation! Will see if anyone on the team is avail to at the very least make it out there to check it out.

Oh no! I run the Looking Glass R&D lab in providence, and normally would have been all over this party like shmear on a bagel, but I’m out of town this weekend. I’d love to talk with you about doing more Looking Glass-focused events in Boston, though.


If you’re interested in presenting anything on OpenGL programming for Looking Glass, I’d suggest getting in touch with the organizer of the Khronos Boston meetup. Meetings are monthly, open to the public, and catered with free pizza (and beer, afterwards).

Officially, the meetups start at 6, but a lot of people don’t arrive until about 7 PM.

Oh cool – I have an obligation that conflicts with the June one, but I’ll write them about bringing up something for the July meetup.