Customer asks for bigger Version of HoloPlayer One - possible soon?


Hello, just showed my first little demo on the HoloPlayer One to one of our customer, they like it a lot but want it “bigger” - soon… any chance ?


Hi! We aren’t planning to commercially release a larger version of HoloPlayer One for another 6-12 months (due mostly to a production limitation on seamless super high gain retroreflector sheeting at the moment).

That said, we’ve recently made the AR-cousin of HoloPlayer One using a 4K screen, roughly 2X larger display volume than the HoloPlayer One. The core difference being that that the 32-view superstereoscopic screen is reflected behind a beamsplitter to 3D-augment physical objects, as opposed being floated above the beamsplitter as it is in HoloPlayer One. Let me know if you’re interested in experimenting with this related (and larger) system. It’s powered by the same HoloPlaySDK and can run many of the same apps as HoloPlayer One.



Sounds interesting! How much would it cost and when could you ship it?


Still working out the pricing for the larger-format AR system - we plan ship just a handful of advance units early next year. I’ll be posting new video of that system here in a few weeks.

What does your customer what to show/do with it? We might be able to pull together a demo.


Can’t talk about in public what the project is about but it would be great if you could email me!