CPU overheat when launch Library


I have a problem when launch Library on windows 10 system, the cpu will heat up to 100 degree and power off automatically.

It happens every time when I open the library, no other programs were opened, only The library.

the cpu is Intel i7-9750H

I don’t have any actual knowledge of the software in question. I’m assuming it does some sort of initialization that loads up all 6 cores (12 threads) of your CPU, for long enough to exceed its critical temperature threshold.

There are a few things intended to keep this from happening. First, your CPU should throttle back its clock speed, when it breeches a soft threshold. Check any overclocking utilities and BIOS settings to ensure you haven’t disabled this feature.

However, there might be a problem with your CPU heatsink. It might be making poor contact with the CPU, or perhaps there’s insufficient thermal compound or an air bubble, etc. If this system is still under warranty (which I’d imagine, since that CPU model was only launched earlier this year), I’d recommend contacting the vendor and seeing if you can get get it serviced or replaced. They should have some diagnostic test which also stresses the CPU and can reproduce the problem.

Perhaps others can speak about what the library is doing and whether there might be any issue at that level. However, no matter what a library does, it really shouldn’t be possible for it to overheat your CPU to the point of triggering a thermal shutdown.

I wish you luck in resolving this frustrating issue.

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This is indeed quite strange, I’ve never seen the Library draw so much from a CPU. Are any of our other apps doing this or is it exclusively the Library? For example, the Model Importer? Identifying if it’s an issue with the CPU itself as @overdraw suggests is a good first step.

We have done some optimization on the Library with a new version close to completion, hopefully that will alleviate some of these issue.

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