Common Looking Glass Troubleshooting Issues!

Running list of common troubleshooting problems. More will be added as they surface
Last updated: December 20, 2018

There is no sound coming from the Apps

The Looking Glass does not have built-in speakers so the only way to get audio to work is have the sound run off from your PC/Mac. Make sure that when your Looking Glass is connected that the audio is set to output from your native PC/Mac speakers.

The Example Scene is garbled/sliced/warped in my Looking Glass

There are a few reasons that this might be the case so listing out here a few ways that usually works to troubleshoot this issue:

  • If you are using a PC, pensure that your displays are set to extended and the Looking Glass display is properly set at 2560px x 1600px and scaled at 100%. If you are using a Mac, please ensure that your displays are Mirrored.

  • Ensure that you’re using the included USB-C/USB-A cables that we sent with your Looking Glass.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable both on your Looking Glass and also your computer. Close the Example Scene and restart your computer with everything plugged in. Re-open the Example scene.

  • We’ve found that USB ports on some PCs are not always the most reliable. We recommend switching up the USB ports around until one works.

  • If that still doesn’t work and you find that some or all of your buttons are not responding as they should, there is a very very small chance that there is a slight connection problem within your Looking Glass itself – we’re diagnosing these in production as we speak! We are more than happy to send you a replacement in mid-January as we fulfill the next batch of orders and are really sorry for the trouble. While you wait for your Looking Glass, please send over your Looking Glass serial # (on the small sticker at the back of your unit) to and we can send you your unique calibration file to load from your C:/ drive while you wait for your replacement. Though not ideal and might not solve the button issue, it will solve the image calibration issue temporarily which means that you’ll still be able to develop / enjoy content on your Looking Glass until your replacement unit arrives!

I don’t have a native HDMI port on my computer and the adapter I’m using does not work

Please make sure the DispalyPort adapater you are using is specifically designated as an “active” adapter. Passive HDMI-DisplayPort adapters usually can’t support resolutions over 1080p - which the Looking Glass is. The adapter we usually use is this one. If you don’t want to add another dongle to your collection, here’s a cable with the necessary active circuits.

My Looking Glass is not detecting at all on my Macbook Pro

We’ve run tests with most Macbook Pros with the Looking Glass and though not an ideal computer to use with your Looking Glass (we usually recommend a PC that has a graphics card equivalent to a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060), Macbook Pro’s should still drive through a Looking Glass though often at a much slower frame rate than a PC with a dedicated graphics card.

Some apps are not running anymore from the Library

The Library is built so that Apps can be updated from our server. However, they do not update automatically nor are you prompted to update apps when it happens. There is a way to update the Apps though that hopefully resolve the issues of Apps not running from the library. Here’s a screenshot of that that looks like:


Where is the LED switch?

There is a small switch behind your Looking Glass that will turn on/of the LEDs that illuminate the system. This switch is on the black connector board at the back of your Looking Glass unit.

How do I clean my Looking Glass?

Please take care to clean your Looking Glass only with included microfiber cloth only. Do not clean with other cleaning agents or alcohol as this will damage the system.

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