Chromatic Aberration

I’ve been using the Looking Glass with Unity and so far everything is going great. However, I recently plugged the device into a different computer and am seeing a strange chromatic aberration effect that wasn’t there before. It looks like a horizontal spread of red, green, and blue, more apparent on more distant objects.

Nothing else in the project changed when I switched computers. The new computer has an AMD Radeon graphics card while the old computer had Nvidia. Otherwise no major differences come to mind. Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Any tips on how to fix it?


Hmm, haven’t seen this issue before but it’s certainly possible given how our core rendering works. I don’t know how that would be related to the computer, though, the only reason I could imagine for this would be a calibration error which is per Looking Glass, not per computer. Could you send screenshots of the difference?

Sorry, I had checked this a while ago and thought it had fixed itself… but I noticed today it was still having the same problem.

This Google Drive folder has pictures of the scene on a good computer and on the bad computer. These are both running on the Ultra Hi setting. The main problems I’m seeing are the chromatic aberration as well as strange diagonal stripes on objects from the upper right to lower left of the screen. There’s a small amount of chromatic aberration on the good computer which I assume is normal, but it’s definitely more pronounced on the bad computer.

Any help would be much appreciated.

That’s very strange indeed, I’ve not seen differences in chromatic aberration across computers. Thanks for the pictures, will consult with my team here and try to get you an answer!

Can I ask, is this in the editor or in a build? If this is through the editor, it’s likely something is slightly off in terms of window settings. Can you confirm that the scaling settings on your displays are set to 100%? That causes some visual artifacts, though I’ve not seen this one caused by that before.

If this is running in editor, the best test to do next is to make a build and compare them on the two computers. That will tell us right away if it’s an editor window issue or something else.

Switching display scaling to 100% didn’t make a difference. The problems showed up in a build as well.

I tried making builds on both the good and bad computers. Both builds were fine on the good computer, and showed the usual problems on the bad computer. The display scaling was messed up when switching between computers, which I’m assuming is just because they’re running at two different resolutions, but it ran well enough to see if the chromatic aberration problems were still there.

Well, that’s not the result I was hoping for! I’ll confer with some of the developers here and see if we can come up with some hypotheses. Thanks for your patience!

I had the chance to try out some Library apps and they’re all showing the same problem on this machine. Also, there’s a new issue I noticed where objects that touch the left and right edges of the Looking Glass screen show a smear across the entire length of the screen.

Let me know if the computer specs would be helpful and I can send you those.

I’ve usually seen this in relation to the preview window, because if the preview window is positioned wrong by even 1 pixel you usually see an artifact like this. I’m a little stumped considering it’s happening in builds as well. Are you using the included HDMI cable? Some HDMI cables are not capable of output over 1920x1080 and that will cause weirdness when connecting to a Looking Glass. That leads me to think that if you are using the same cable, maybe the graphics card itself is having trouble outputting at higher than 1920x1080? Can you let us know the exact model of graphics card? (can be found by going to Device Manager, then Display Adapters, then it should be listed under there) Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience!

Well, good news! I switched the HDMI cable for a DisplayPort cable and the chromatic aberration problem is gone. I’m still seeing the diagonal stripes and smearing problem, but only on Ultra Hi quilt settings. If there’s a way to fix that it would be nice, but Hi Res is good enough for what we’re doing. I might try tweaking the Custom quilt settings as well - some variations of that are showing the same problems, but others aren’t.

The graphics card is a Radeon Pro WX 7100. This is on a Dell all-in-one touchscreen computer running at 4K on the main screen. Maybe the high resolution was the issue…?

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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