Capturing video for the Looking Glass display


Whoa, this is awesome!

Watch this space for more info on lightfield photo / quilt generation tools, we have some new stuff coming very soon.



Hey Alex,
I’ve got a looking glass and I’m looking to experiment with Quiltr now.



Hi Alex – I’d love to see what some of my stereo videos and stills look like on my large Looking Glass. I saw Dez wasn’t happy with the result (Stereoscopic 3D videos on the looking glass?) but I’d like try for myself. Could you point me to your Quiltr ?




Hi Alex

Would love to test Quiltr, where can i find it?




Would love to test Quiltr, where can i find it?

+1 on this



Hi all, unfortunately we’ve stopped production on Quiltr. As an alternative, we have a quilt viewing app and a lightfield photo stitching app (for now both Windows only) being released as closed betas this week. Sign up for those here!

These are both heavier to run than Quiltr was and do not use command line interface, instead opting for a GUI-based approach. We’ll be releasing a Python-based command line interface tool for photo stitching photos in the coming months!



We found/hacked a way to get AVPro Video to draw to the Quilt texture meaning video could be played into the correct format. It’s hard-coded at the moment (no video selector interface) as it’s was made for me to pre-render complicated visuals into the looking glass.
I could dig it up if it were useful to anyone ?



This Quilt Viewer app that is currently in closed beta has similar functionality using AVPro, I’d be happy to send you that as well if you sign up @Renbry!



I’m also interested in software to make this happen. I wasn’t able to locate documentation for the algorithms for the interlacing. I figured it could be inferred from the code in the pixel shader for the Unity camera, but if something is already available for this, that’d be nice…

Also, does anyone know of any ML toolkits which do a reasonably good job of inferring intermediary frames? All of my searching in this area just turns up photogrammetry libs, which seems like a lot of overkill here…



Hi @alxdncn , I’d love to try that out. We do VFX/3D rendering so I have lots of ideas about doing cool lightfield render-to-videos. Thanks : )



If you sign up for the beta, you can do it now. You don’t render the lenticular image. Instead, you render a quilt video and the Quilt Viewer will play it.

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