Can it run OpenVR?

Howdy - wasn’t sure where to open this topic.

I am very interested in the hardware.

We have built modeling tools that are compatible with the OpenVR platform and in particular work with the Vive Index controllers.

Does LookingGlass support OpenVR as a standard?

Would be very cool to take a break from the headset and use the controllers in the space with object bounds around the actual VR element you’re modeling.

PS - If this ISN’T possible, but could be supported we are open to paying a third party contractor

Hello! We’ve never done experiments with OpenVR, I’ll do some research into it to understand what it might add to the system. As it stands, though, I believe it would have to be made.

Thanks for the note - “have to be made” eg by a 3rd party?

Yes, exactly. We don’t have capacity to do that kind of integration right now. If you put me in touch with whoever is doing it, I may be able to offer some support. Just reach out at

Thank you - any reccomendations around consultants familiar w/your SDK?