Camera setup in 3ds max

Got the LG friday and have been doing some early tests this weekend.
Made a camera setup (45 cameras with a FOV of 28) with a decent result
Thought I’d share the 3ds file with the cam setup, if any ones interested, but cant seem to attach the file in the post.

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Hi Peter,

would love to take a look - can’t help you on the attachement though - maybe a google drive or dropbox link would work?



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Hi Peter,
Would love to know which camera modules you used and how you integrated this (which api) ?



Hi, would love to see the 3ds file! Email me at!!

Will also look into adding attachments to the forum. @nikki any insight on that?

Hi Charlie
I’ve made a camera setup of 45 Physical Cameras.
Each camera has a Horisontal Lens Shift acording to the individual position.
I dont do any kind of programming so, so i’ve just made a batch render of all the 45 cameras. Every time i make a new render-session I just relink the files in after effect. I guess it aint the most suitable way of doing it - but what can you do when you lack any kind of programming skills :slight_smile:
best regards

for your files , my email