Build issue with LKG display & Extended UI

It has been a while. I am having trouble making a build for our project :feels:… The issue lies with the extended UI. I have the display set to display 2 for the looking glass and display 1 for the monitor (extended UI)… When I build, it creates the extended UI for display 1 as it should but nothing happens for display 2, the looking glass display is black.

I am using Unity 2020, and the most recent sdk for Holoplay. Today, I am going to try to switch the display so that holocapture is also display one… I have had luck with that before with Maldacena:MFR. This app is much cleaner than maldacena, and the C# is more organized and PURE. @alxdncn @kyle let me know if you all have some pointers or need more information.

Keep in mind that there is no option in Unity 2020 for a dialog box. If I have to downgrade I will do so, but it is not a preferred option. Let me know what you think. (ps: I searched for similar issues in the forum but couldn’t find a sufficient answer) All the best, miss you guys and gals

Okay, simple solution, figured out that if you uncheck default to full screen under player settings>resolution and presentation… Then it works just fine, i.e. UI goes on display one as desired and LKG goes to display two as desired. All set. Hopefully this helps 2020 users…


Oh GREAT! Glad you found a solution for this - we’re working on a new release so I’ll add this to the list of known issues!

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