Brooklyn Lab Hours

Hey Looking Glass!

It’s nice to be a part of the forum. I wanted to ask a quick question about your hours.

I rolled in today and got a chance to be near the apps as testing was going on. I wanted to know when others, such as friends, could come in during a typical weekday? I am sure they would be stacked to see the HoloPlayer too.

P.S.: 95 Commercial st. is the address?

HEY @cardboard_box!
Friends of the hologram are always welcome when we are around which is typically Monday-Friday from 10-6, often later. We’ve recently expanded into a newer space downstairs (95% done!) and have a dedicated area for friends to come around and hack away on the systems.
For scheduled events, head on over to our Meetup page.
If you’re just dropping by, shoot a quick email to @BenjaminPoynter ( or @kyle ( to let us know to expect you!

You can also the lab at 929.387.8225.

P.S.: yes!