Bodega Run


Bodega Run

Can you find your way through New York City without being seen?
In Bodega Run, navigate through Manhattan and avoid “surveillance blocks”, which simulate the areas of the city that can be clearly seen by traffic cameras.

Game Objectives

Walk from the front door of your apartment building to the bank several blocks away as quickly as possible and then drop off the cash you withdrew from Chase at the Waldorf Astoria, without being seen. Using your keyboard to navigate through the city, make your way from the corner of 46th Street and 5th Avenue to the Chase branch on 46th Street and Vanderbilt Avenue to clean out your bank account, and then hurry over to the Waldorf. Avoid passing through the streets watched by security cameras, which will be represented by red cubes in-game.


Arrow Keys: Directional Movement

Each red block simulates the coverage of an actual NYC DOT Traffic Camera.

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