Blender plugin for Volumetric Video


Hello Everybody !

I am currently working to make a video using the Blender Cycle engine and some 3d scanned model from a museum,

So, I understood 32 point of view around a 50° angle of view were needed for a signe frame, so, I worked a little script in python to generate the 32 render points around each frame.


So first question ;

  • Anyone also working on this issue and interested in building a solution as a plugin for Blender ?

Then, technical issues I am having :slight_smile:

  • What is the optimum resolution for, well, everything ? Is there some kind of documentation ? I am not sure of the viewing angle, the number of steps, the resolution of each images etc.
  • How to transform my 32 images into a single LG frame ?
  • How to read the video in the Looking Glass ?

Thanks a lot for your support !

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Hi! We’re currently working on a Blender plugin and will be doing a closed beta release in the coming months (hopefully January) so it may be easiest to wait for that. The questions you’re asking, especially the first one, aren’t trivially easy to solve.

We’re currently working on a simple video player that will make it easier to watch video in the Looking Glass. We’ll also be putting out a tool to easily view sets of images like those you have included here. Both of those should be coming before the holidays start!


Ok, count me in as soon as you have something :slight_smile:


Thibault, as you may have seen in other threads, you want to keep parallel cameras and shift the backplane instead of rotating the camera around an arc. This prevents vertical disparities between the views, and is the preferred way of creating multiview content.


While waiting for the upcoming official Blender support for the LG I put together a patch for Blender 2.79b that allows direct rendering of a quilt image:

The way this works is that the default (Cycles) perspective camera is hacked to output a 5x9 quilt image directly. So no need to render multiple views and combine them. This is more of a proof-of-concept than anything else, as it requires you to compile your own hacked version of Blender if you want to use it. But it works and the performance hit isn’t that bad (the hacked code could be optimized more). But it doesn’t give you a live preview on the LG, so that is definitely a disadvantage compared to the official Blender plugin.

See here for more info.


Cool! That’s awesome that you put together something to output quilts, @paulmelis. We’re doing our best to get the Blender add-on out into the world, it’s very close but we hit a couple snags. We’ll do a social media blast when it’s ready and send it to people who have signed up to try it on our closed beta signup sheet!

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