Blender Add-On Feature Requests


Please post all feature requests for the Looking Glass Blender Add-On here!

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Hi, Implementation using Blender’s MULTI-view SYSTEM is very good ! Thanx.

What I can come up with now is the following requests.

  1. I want you to match the existing camera clipping value when generating multi-cameras. And I want a way to change clipping values of multiple generated cameras at once.

  2. I want a way to change only the number of camera tiles number (instead of making new multi-cameras)

  3. I want a way to erase multi-cameras, views… generated by render settings.

  4. I want to generate quilt picture (and movie) from created multiple images.

PS. Can I tweet about Blender Add-On Beta? (About current functions, screen images, etc. Because it is currently closed beta… )


Hi xzr, please go ahead and tweet about the Blender Add-On!


Hi all! We’re moving! Instead of having bugs and feature requests be posted on the forum, we’re going to migrate to this GitHub repo. This will make tracking and closing issues much easier for us! Thank you for posting bugs and issues here, I’ll migrate all the content over now.

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