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Please post all bugs and issues with the Looking Glass Blender Add-On here!

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Is the .zip for the addon supposed to be called “”? Because that’s what I got in my email from Looking Glass. I’m trying to add that as a Blender addon, but nothing happens when I add that file.

So I installed the system library api linked to in the documentation for the addon. Then I go to Blender User Preferences, then I go to Addons, then I go to Install Addon from File, and I select the “” file. And then nothing happens–nothing gets added to Blender addons. I’ve added addons to Blender before and this is the first time it didn’t work. I’m thinking maybe I got the wrong .zip file?

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I’m pretty sure the wrong zip was sent out. FYI @alxdncn


The correct link has been sent out now, sorry for the confusion!

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I tried to install a add-on(newer one) , but it did not installed.
Add-on files will be copied to folder, but it will not appear on the Blender add-on list.

So, I unzip it and modify “” file, line 28 ‘View’ -> ‘3D View’.
And I zip only “looking_glass_tools” folder, so I could install it.

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Thanks, alxdncn! XZR, I also couldn’t install the addon from the zip called “LKG-Blender-1.8” initially, so I extracted that file, and then tried adding the .zip beneath it called “looking_glass_tools” which contains the python files. That worked, I have the addon now!


Yes that was our mistake @Stefan_Scherbik! I emailed out today a version with this fixed in the file hierarchy, but thanks for showing how to do it manually as well. Keep the feedback coming!

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Even if the size of the Multiview box is changed, the size of the clipping of cam.XX does not change.
When I enlarge the Multiview box, the clip end will not change(too small for scene). So image will not be rendered.


I checked source, and found this.

As I applied ‘Apply Rotaion & Scale’ to Multi-View Object for scene initial setting, this logic didn’t work. So I re-create not scale applied Multi-View Object, it works fine.

  1. About calibration loader
    According to the setting of the page ‘’, I installed HoloPlayCAPI.exe and Blendr Add-On.
    But the following indication appears in the log when Blender is started every time.

Could not find pre-installed calibration loader

It looks like to search ‘c_calibration_loader_win.exe’, but I can’t find it in HoloPlayCAPI.exe installed folder, and so on.

  1. Add-on ‘Report a Bug’ button
    When I pushed ‘Report a Bug’ button, it tried to go to ‘’.

I had some time to use the Blender plugin today. Here’s what I saw:

  • Having the Looking Glass Live View open on the Looking Glass display will make “UV/Image Editor” views on other displays go crazy. It just looks like whatever control the Looking Glass plugin is exercising over that view is duplicated everywhere, regardless of whether it’s actually being shown on a Looking Glass.
  • Should be able to change the viewport shading in the live window (e.g. wireframe, solid, texture, material, or rendered).
  • I don’t see a way of actually viewing a render result in the Looking Glass. Is this not possible? I should be able to ‘F12’ and see the result in the Looking Glass window when the render completes.

I’m using Blender 2.79b on Windows 10.

In general, I’m very pleased with seeing a live view of whatever I’m working on in the Looking Glass display. There’s lots of promise here.


Hi all! We’re moving! Instead of having bugs and feature requests be posted on the forum, we’re going to migrate to this GitHub repo. This will make tracking and closing issues much easier for us! Thank you for posting bugs and issues here, I’ll migrate all the content over now.

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