Blender 2.8x and macOS?


I just received my looking glass today and wanted to get my hands on blender. I just recognized that the blender add-on seems to have made no progress since Feb 2019. Are there any updates coming soon that also enables usage in Blender 2.8x? And is it possible to use the blender add-on on macOS as well? As far as I understand it requires the HoloPlayAPI, but I didn’t find a mac version for it.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Unfortunately no answer after two weeks. :frowning: I give it another try: Can at least anyone confirm that there is no HoloPlayAPI for macOS? If not, I would at least give it a try to update the add-on using the new Holo Play Core library.

Hi @reg.cs - sorry we didn’t get back to you! If we ever miss you on here you can always reach us at

We’ve been focused on a few other industry verticals outside of the 3D modelling space, but we’re currently evaluated Blender 2.8 support. The HoloPlay Core SDK does indeed have MacOS support, so that wouldn’t be an issue. I’ll update you when we have news on Blender 2.8, but if you’d like to see HoloPlay Core in the meantime, you can sign up for the closed beta!

Hi Alex,

thanks for the reply. I already started to get familiar with the HoloPlay Core SDK and applying it to write a Blender add-on. However, I am only a hobby programmer, so progress is slow. So far, I wrote a small blender-python (bpy) wrapper for the libHoloPlayCore and managed to display pre-rendered quilt images from within Blender 2.83 on the LookingGlass. Currently I am trying to implement a Live View of the viewport in the LookinGlass, but the API Blender exposes to access the viewport renders is very limited and for the same API the render speed is definitely an issue (at least on my MacBook Pro without a discrete graphics card :sweat_smile:). Therefore, I need to some trickery and don’t know, if that will succeed. I will post if I get to anything satisfying.

@reg.cs that sounds like a good start! We’ll let you know if we do anything on our end with Blender 2.8 in the future - we’re interested in the tool but we’ve already got a lot of development work on the go, so can’t promise anything yet!

Thank you, for letting me know, @alxdncn. :slight_smile: