"""better""" University Map?


Stevens University Map


Create a "Better" Map of Stevens Institute of Technology


So this is definitely the first time that Liam, Caleb, Tim, and I used C#, Unity, Mapbox, and of course the HoloPlayer. Our group consists of students from Stevens IT in Hoboken, NJ. Since we were "highly encouraged" to use MapBox we thought that the only logical step was to create a map of our campus. Currently, the map that can be found all over campus looks like this. While this may seem good on paper (or PDF), it is terribly hard to follow when you are on campus for the first time. So we thought that we can hack out a better map in a matter of few hours via MapBox and the HoloPlayer.

First, we added MapBox to Unity which was surprising really easy. (Kudos to the MapBox team). Using coordinates to find our school was a very quick and easy way to get a map of Hoboken into Unity.

Then we were a bit disappointed when none of the buildings were able to be rendered via MapBox. So we panicked. Then thought of other possibilities. Found no other viable ideas. And decided to hard code the buildings via cubes and spheres and “SkyCars.” We spent WAY too long creating perfect and accurate buildings for our map.

After creating the buildings we had to use the HoloPlayer functionality because it is a HoloPlayer Hackathon.

Ideal Functionality

We wanted the following functionality: A "cursor" that let the user highlight a building and then display some relevant information
By pressing button 1: The user can rotate their view (via their finger)
By pressing button 2: The user can move around campus (via their finger)
By pressing button 3: The user can zoom (via their finger)
By pressing button 4: The user can toggle the visibility of the names of the buildings

And the names of the building should always face the user

Actual Functionality

What we ended up with was the implementation of a cursor _without_ the ability to select buildings, implementation of button 1, and the implementation of button 2.

We were not able to finish our original vision, but this is a good early early early beta.


See our dropbox link here
(It'll be the one named Stevens Map)

(Stevens Attending Hackathons)