Best way to turn off display

I’m used to displays having an on/off button, but I can’t seem to find one for looking glass. Is the intended way to turn it off is to unplug USB? If so, can we have a software/app switch?

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For now, the only way to switch off the display entirely would be to unplug it from its USB source. If you are looking to just turn the LEDs off, there is a small switch behind the Looking Glass (right under where the HDMI connector is) that will allow you to toggle these lights on/off - a useful option for when you just want a break from the bright lights!

Thanks for the feedback though and will definitely keep that in mind moving ahead :slight_smile:

For those who can’t locate the “switch” – it’s a push-in button, and is not “under the HDMI connector” but on the side of the black platform; on your right hand side when you face to the device.