At home scanning vs. professional scan services

Forgive me…I am a newbie and don’t have time to sort through a million older posts. I need to get some high resolution 3D scans of various shapes and sizes for spring water bottles. I don’t need the modeling or reverse engineering done. I have people do to that. I just need the scans with software that can export the files to .obj so they can be reverse engineered / modeled from that. Are there any decent at-home scanners that can perform this task that cost wise are less than $1000?? I have contacted some professional services, however they want anywhere from $100-200 per hour on the scans and it will wind up costing more than the price of an at home scanner from what I can tell. I am not sure how many bottles I need scanned at this point because the inventory will grow over time and owning my own scanner would provide that flexibility. To start I need maybe 12-15 scanned. Thanks in advance for any input you all can provide! Mobdro

Here’s a video on how to do it yourself: YouTube