Apps with content sized based on Standard Looking Glass vs Large Looking Glass


I am currently sizing all Sketchfab models to have their animations mostly fit within the scope of the Standard Looking Glass that I have. I am not exactly sure of the X, Y, and Z coordinate boundaries, but I visually just adjust the scale and position until it does not go outside the range and get clipped.

Some high-res models have to be scaled down as low as 1.5% (0.015) of their original size, so I wondered when my Large Looking Glass (2x the pixels, although distributed over more than 2x the area) how Unity and the Looking Glass plug-in handle this. Can someone confirm that - since there is a lot more detail available outside of the 1.5% model view seen in the Standard Looking Glass - the software smartly scales to the 2x dimensions with the original model detail? Thanks :slight_smile: