App Library (versioning and updates)


App Library v 0.3.7

Hi everyone, we just updated to a new version of the App Library (v 0.3.7) on the Getting Started page – changes made 12/13/2018 11AM (GST). We discovered a significant bug related to the maximum number of apps that the Library could handle, so this patched v0.3.7 fixes that.

We highly recommend that you delete your old version of the App Library and replace it with this new v0.3.7 when you get a chance!

A list of the logged changes include:

  • Added pagination support to Library
  • Added audio hooks to buttons that were missing
  • Minor bug fixes
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Why Does the PC Version have an _MACOSX folder? Seems odd not to have Library in the Root of the zip. Also TrendMicro Antivirus doesn’t like the Library.exe popup marks it as a suspicious file block.
Other than these issues, the demos look great.


The _MACOSX folder is a particularity of Unity builds, though we could have deleted it I suppose! And we’re aware of the annoyance around running the .exe, we’ll be resolving that issue in future versions of the library.

Thank you for the feedback!