Anyone from Taiwan? Li-Kuo want to say Hi


I just got looking glass a few weeks ago. Is anyone who bought looking glass in Taiwan?


Hi Li-Kuo!

I’m a software developer at Looking Glass Factory, and I’m from Taiwan too! :smiley:

I came across some of your works online, and it seems like you do some lightfield stuff, we have a Lightfield Photo App, and you can sign up here for the closed beta!



Hi Kelly

It is nice to meet you. I am surprise you work in looking glass.

I was an animator in auto-stereoscopic(9-View to more than 100-View) 3d few years ago.

It was not so difficult to make contents in auto-stereoscopic for me.

But the market was not good! I almost quit this area.

It was lucky when I saw looking glass. I changed my mind to enter the light field tech.

I am going to startup a group to create contents in light field this year.

It is going to be the future!

Thanks for your link and hope the market will be popular.

Best Regards



Taiwanese here too : p

Made a very small countdown clock in Looking Glass:


Do you live in Taipei?


Dear folks :grin:
I’m working in South Korea
Trying hard to get my LKG shipment…:drooling_face: