Anyone from Taiwan? Li-Kuo want to say Hi


I just got looking glass a few weeks ago. Is anyone who bought looking glass in Taiwan?

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Hi Li-Kuo!

I’m a software developer at Looking Glass Factory, and I’m from Taiwan too! :smiley:

I came across some of your works online, and it seems like you do some lightfield stuff, we have a Lightfield Photo App, and you can sign up here for the closed beta!


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Hi Kelly

It is nice to meet you. I am surprise you work in looking glass.

I was an animator in auto-stereoscopic(9-View to more than 100-View) 3d few years ago.

It was not so difficult to make contents in auto-stereoscopic for me.

But the market was not good! I almost quit this area.

It was lucky when I saw looking glass. I changed my mind to enter the light field tech.

I am going to startup a group to create contents in light field this year.

It is going to be the future!

Thanks for your link and hope the market will be popular.

Best Regards


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Taiwanese here too : p

Made a very small countdown clock in Looking Glass:


Do you live in Taipei?

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Dear folks :grin:
I’m working in South Korea
Trying hard to get my LKG shipment…:drooling_face:

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Kelly 您好:
抱歉在這打擾您,如果可以的話能否請你協助,我剛在網站下單,訂單編號 2748,


Hi Joe,

I will ask our customer success person to contact your about your order. Thanks.