I am a hobbyist that is starting by taking Sketchfab animated 3D models (free downloads and purchased models), importing them into Unity, and creating a PC application that can display the animations on the cool Looking Glass. I eventually plan to use Blender to create my own models, and write scripts in Unity to control animations and add interaction (Leap Motion, JoyCon controllers, etc.).

Since the Looking Glass plug-in (a.k.a., “HoloPlay”) for Unity only works with the 2018-2 version of Unity at this time, I can not do this with the later Unity versions.

I find that the Unity 2018-2 version has some terrible “aliasing”, especially when I downscale some high quality detailed models from Sketchfab. After trying various settings including trying the Anti-aliasing in the “Post Processing Stack” (v1), I was frustrated with the results (added blurriness, etc.). Only a few of these cool models showed up animated perfectly sharp and clear in the holographic display.

After a bunch of research, it seemed to me that the CTAA plug-in could be the best solution to my problem. So I purchased it for $195, and started testing it. Unfortunately, I must be doing something wrong, because I am getting terrible results of delayed, blurred movement. Note that I copied the “CTTA script” in the Main Camera of the PC demo scene to the camera in my scene. I asked the CTAA people what I may be doing wrong, but they had no experience with Looking Glass, and we agreed to postpone any analysis until their Looking Glass came in. I would appreciate it if anyone has any suggestions here - perhaps I need to download a VR plug-in for holographic 3D display purposes.

In general, I would appreciate any thoughts on the best anti-aliasing for Looking Glass.

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I’m not a Unity developer and can’t really speak to this in much depth, but try enabling the SimpleDOF script on the HoloPlay Camera - it’s a Looking Glass-specific script that’s intended to help clean up some of the jagged edges.


Hmm, I do not see that script. Only scripts I see with “Simple” are “SimpleRotation” and “SimpleQuit”.

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Ah, I may be spoiling future SDK features, then. Expect it in the next release :slight_smile:


there any update on this? would love to have additional options.

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Yep, Holoplay SDK 1.0.0 includes some example scenes, including one for “Depth of Field Blur”. For more information, check out this documentation link or open up example scene “4 - DOF Blur” in Assets/Holoplay/Examples after importing the 1.0.0 SDK into Unity.