About the Looking Glass Apps category

For all creators in the Looking Glass community:

tl;dr: This is a place for sharing experiments, ideas and unpolished projects. Go nuts!

The rest:

Many of you have probably used the App Library – this is software that we built at Looking Glass for distributing programs and imagery for the Looking Glass that has been tested and polished for public release. The library is not just for things we make within Looking Glass – anyone in the community can submit apps to the library, and as long as they meet the Library requirements and pass our QA testing, we’ll add them to the library.

We also understand that sometimes, it’s nice to post unpolished, experimental work. Maybe this just works with a certain controller, or needs a particularly nice graphics card, or needs a little tinkering to get it to run. This is the place to share that kind of work to the community, get feedback, and post updates as projects get more refined. Post videos of your project, download links to builds and instructions as a new topic under the ‘experimental apps’ category. Each new project should be a new topic.

People are going to post links to executables in this category, and anyone can post anything here. The good folks at Looking Glass can’t guarantee that these community builds will work, or that they won’t do malicious things to your computer. We will review new experiments, but we think it’s in the interest of a creative community to not require admin review/approval for new posts in this category – DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Also, a couple rules:

  • Don’t post malicious stuff. That ruins it for everybody
  • Be nice – this is a place for showing off your work and giving feedback on new projects. Use the kind of language that you wish people would use with you.
  • If you post a build, post some basic instructions so other people can get up and running
  • Even if you don’t have a build that’s ready to share, it’s cool to post videos and screenshots of works in progress.

Above all, be excellent to one another.