A garbled image on your HoloPlayer. Fret not!


If your HoloPlayer image looks anything like this:

It is likely that your display settings are set at the wrong resolution. Check and see if they are set to 2560px x 1560px!


I’ve had an issue whereby the display was set as # 2 in the OS with right resolution but it was garbled. I have two graphics cards installed and I had to shuffle hdmi to a particular order on the Video card’s hdmi slot, then make sure it was #2 in the OS. The quick start manual didn’t really help me nor did the website. I had no understanding what the buttons were meant for because this too wasn’t described in the guide or on the website, I had though they might be for focusing the display for calibration or something.


Mine is 2560 x 1600, which is what the documentation says as well. Where’d you get 1560?