3D Sports Tracking/Capture - Looks great on the Looking glass!

One of the things my company works on is 3D capture from sports (and film, and various other things)
When the Looking Glass popped up on kickstarter, I figured it would be a great way to display the content to a crowd (The content is designed for AR, Hololens, Magic leap etc)

This was a quick implementation, with a Leap Motion controller to control the camera.
The content isn’t perfect for this display (Bolder, object-based content is better), but it worked, and the 3D was just accentuated with some camera control :slight_smile:

We showed it yesterday at VRLO and safe to say, most people were more impressed by the display than the content :slight_smile:

Roll on a 32" version!


Thanks for sharing this! Really great you implemented some prelim. button controls on the app too! I’ll be posting soon about some tips and tricks for filming your Looking Glass :slight_smile: (i.e. how to best showcase 3D on 2D screens!) Will share this with you in the coming few days!

Good shit, really glad you got it working!

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