3D Tetris for the HoloPlayer One


Movement of pieces = Numpad or arrow keys
Rotation of pieces = Shift/Right Mouse + Numpad OR Shift/Right Mouse+Arrow keys, Z, and X
Rotation of screen = Mouse
TMC mode = too many colors mode


  • HoloPlay version .392
  • Does not use Realsense
  • Sound is optional


TooComplexTetris.unitypackage (source code)


I got a chance to test play this and I think its a nice twist on an old classic.


I second that.
It is complex.


I played it in the lab last week. Really nostalgic.


I like this a lot because it requires spatial reasoning - I’m wondering if direct interaction is not precise enough or if the button controls are preferable.


I’m super curious about that too @sethhunter. Special hologram prize to anyone who can take @Regred’s app and add an experimental direct-interaction mode with Realsense. The full Unity source is posted at the top of this thread.