brainMelt, evolving grey matter


haha just kidding t’s all rainbow colored.
Check it out--
Now you are to traverse an environment instead of MELTING A BRAIN. Which is a shame, but you got to play to your strengths, and gosh do I love psychedelic landscapes. I have some sounds and eventually some pain to be inflicted on a brain when it touches fuzzy cacti.

Motivation below.

I wrote a lot of feelings recently because I finished a book called The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.
I feel as though leaving institutionalized learning and becoming a functioning part of our current social world is something I took for granted.

I identify with the thought processes of Dorian Gray for several reasons. Or Lord Henry, or Oscar Wilde. Corruption - a desire to misfit when fitting is conforming to subdued emotions. Grid line structures. Vices slashed with perfect knives, replaced when scratched too heavily. New. No sense, no appearance of use, “dirtied,” “wasted,” human minds melted more than their skins- appearance worshiped over all.

Ideas? How do you use them? How do they come about- depravity? Formed through an issue, self-imposed constraints. Going through motions. “This is right because…” filling in the blanks with rusted screws and dried foliage accumulated from the inside of a broken TV screen.

WEAR AND MISUSE of the mind isn’t softened. Unless you remove the skull with a saw blade and gently grate away the hardened masses sprouting out of your brain, a potato prone to decay. To lie to an institution is imposed upon us as a sin. Pledging ourselves to the betterment of a whole that never cared for our success if it didn’t result in their wealth.